Import CSV as QIF into Quicken 2013

This tutorial shows how to import a CSV file to Quicken 2013 by converting to a QIF file. We will use CSV2QIF utility.

To download CSV2QIF go to You can purchase on the product page, you can download the trial. Also if you purchase before, you can use this link to download as well and register with your registration code. And there is also Mac download. At the product page, there is a sample CSV file, you can download, that will help you to try the application or if you need to know, how the CSV/Excel file should look like, you can download this file, open in Excel. It’ll give you a ready idea of how the transactions should look like in your CSV file before you convert them.

Now we will import a QIF file into Quicken 2013. This application imports QIF files, correctly prepared QIF files into all account types and we will import into the ‘Royal Bank Chequing’ Account.

When you start CSV2QIF, point to your CSV file.

When you open a CSV file in CSV2QIF, look for things like Date, Amount, Payee, Check number, Memo, Category. They are all in the proper columns. The transactions Tab shows how the converter understands your file. So, if Amount is not in place or Dates are not expected, or Payee not assigns, click Review Mapping and reassign those columns.

The Amount should be negative for expenses and positive for deposits. Some Credit Card Companies supply CSV files with expenses as positive numbers and payments to the account as negative numbers. For those files, you can use the button ‘Change +/-’ once per file to reverse the Amounts. So when you click it, make sure, that the Amounts for expenses are negative and for payments to the account are positive. In this case, we have to revert it, just for example purpose.

Another thing before converting is to select the QIF Target. For Quicken 2013 we have to select Quicken 2014 or earlier. It’s important to select this specific Target, because it creates different QIF files, depending on QIF Target. The file for Quicken 2015–2016 is the different file for Quicken 2014 or MS Money file. There are different date formats, different sections and this selector is provided easier for you to choose an application to import into.

Another important thing is the Account Name. You have to enter Account Name as the Account Name you have in Quicken.

So if you want to import into ‘Royal Bank Chequing’ Account and you have to get this name and enter it in the converter, click ‘Edit/Delete account’.

Just select Account Name and right-click — ‘Copy’. Go back to the converter and paste the Account Name. This is the name, that will be used in the QIF file. So in Quicken it will find account name and will try to find an account that matches, as that account.

Click the ‘Convert’ button.

And save a QIF file.

Switch to Quicken and click ‘File’ — ‘File Import’ — ‘QIF File’.

Click ‘Browse’ and select a QIF file. Then select ‘All Accounts’ (ignore the message “Don’t see your account?”) and click ‘Import’.

It shows that QIF import successful. Click ‘Done’.

We have four imported transactions under the ‘Royal Bank Chequing’ Account, as expected. The transactions have to be accepted, you can review them here, as well. Payee, (Memo is not shown now), Date, Check number, Withdrawal, Deposits. Click ‘Accept All’.

Now you can see Deposit, Payment, Memo, Payee, Check number and Category.

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-- — need to import transactions, but the file format is not supported? Try ProperSoft converters.

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Sergiy Tytarenko

Sergiy Tytarenko — need to import transactions, but the file format is not supported? Try ProperSoft converters.

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