This video shows how to create a Journal Entry or a multiple Journal Entries IIF file in Excel and Notepad without any other software.

You may have a bunch of General Journal Entries as CSV or Excel file created quickly in Excel, or exported from your production system, but Quickbooks will not import it.

IIF files are a great help when you need to import many transactions without manually typing in Quickbooks.

There is also an easier and faster way to create an IIF from your CSV file using a ProperSoft tool — General Journal Entries and will be…

This video shows how to start a ProperSoft converter for the first time.

In this case, we will use the Transactions app, for other apps — the process is similar. When you start for the first time, first, what you do — is right-click the icon on the taskbar and select ‘Pin to taskbar’. This way the icon will stay on the taskbar when you close the app.

This video shows how to select a file or multiple files to convert.

For this example, we will use the Transactions app, but for other apps, the process and the selection are similar, as well. Let’s start the app, read the welcome message.

This video shows how to work or how to convert the CSV files.

Once you load a CSV file inside the Transactions application, you should see some transactions already as the converter understands the most CSV transaction formats correctly.

This video shows how to work with transactions.

You would start the Transactions app and then you would load a file, it could be a CSV file, PDF file, or any other supported file and then you would see transactions inside the application.

This video shows how to work with transactions after you loaded in the Transactions converter.

Regardless of the input format — is it CSV or PDF, or another format, you would see transactions here the same way.

This video shows how to download a ProperSoft converter. First, go to

Click ‘Products’.

This video shows how to convert a QIF file.

A QIF file you would get from your online banking or you would export from Quicken, or some other accounting software. And you need to convert those QIF files to another format like OFX or QBO, or CSV, so the Transactions app should work with a QIF file and understands many different formats.

Sergiy Tytarenko — need to import transactions, but the file format is not supported? Try ProperSoft converters.

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